22 Oct 2017 Current Affairs Analysis

Rajasthan limits probes against public servants

Rajasthan State Government under Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has passed Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance, 2017 which seeks to protect serving judges, former judges, magistrates and public servants in Rajasthan from being investigated for on-duty action without Government’s prior sanction.
i. The ordinance also seeks to bar the media from reporting on accusations till the sanction to proceed with the probe is obtained.
ii. The ordinance provides 180 days immunity to the officers, during which no investigation could be ordered nor could any investigation be carried out against serving judges, former judges, magistrates and public servants in Rajasthan.
iii. No decision on request to sanction investigation till the end of immunity period would automatically mean that sanction has been granted.
iv. Violators of the clauses of this ordinance could face two years of imprisonment.

Peru passes legislation to legalize medical marijuana

On October 19, 2017, Peru’s conservative Congress passed a bill to legalize medical uses of marijuana with 68-5 vote in favour.

Peru passes legislation to legalize Marijuana

Use of Marijuana for medical purpose:
i. This legislation was proposed by Preu’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski after police cracked down on a group of mothers making cannabis oil in a makeshift laboratory to treat their children suffering from epilepsy, a neurological disorder.
ii. In next 60 days, Peruvian lawmakers will finalise the regulations for producing and commercializing cannabis oil.
iii. It is to be noted that Peru’s neighbouring countries, Chile and Colombia have already legalized marijuana for medical purposes.
iv. Another South American country, Uruguay has fully legalized growing and selling marijuana for any use.

RBI clarifies linking of Aadhaar with bank account mandatory

On 21st October 2017, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) clarified that linking of Aadhaar to bank account is mandatory under the Prevention of Money-Laundering (Maintenance of Records).

RBI Clarifies to link aadhar card with Bank is mandatory
RBI Clarifies to link aadhar card with Bank is mandatory

Linking Aadhaar with bank account mandatory:
i. The clarification has been made after a section of the media reported, while giving a reply to a Right to Information Act application, that linking of bank accounts with Aadhaar is not mandatory.
ii. Reserve Bank of India has clarified that linking of Aadhaar to bank account is mandatory under the Prevention of Money-Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017, published in the Official Gazette on 1st June, 2017.
iii. RBI had not issued any separate directions to banks for linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts after the government revised the Prevention of Money-Laundering Act.

APEDA to promote NE products in Bangladesh and Myanmar

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)an apex organisation under the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry will conduct programmes to promote products of north eastern India in Bangladesh and Myanmar.
i. Programme in Myanmar will be organised in association with Indian High Commission in Yangon and is scheduled to be held in November 2017.
ii. Programme in Bangladesh will be organised in association with Indian High Commission in Dhaka and is scheduled to be held in first week of December 2017. In Bangladesh the programme will be held in Dhaka as well as in Sylhet.
iii. APEDA scheduled products worth $396.44 million comprising rice, vegetables, fruits, wheat, maize, dairy products and pulses were exported to Bangladesh during 2016-17.
iv. APEDA scheduled products worth $24.15 million comprising rice, maize, cereal preparations, fruits, rice and vegetable seeds were exported to Myanmar during 2016-17.

Astronomers discover Sun-like star ‘Kronos’ that was devourer of planets

Astronomers have discovered a Sun-like star, a planet-eater that’s currently 350 light years away. This Sun-like star has consumed the rocky equivalent of 15 Earths.

Astronomers discover Sun-like star ‘Kronos’ that was devourer of planets

Other Points
i. Initially, Scientist Semyeong Oh and her team were not trying to find a planet-eating star and its thin twin. Instead, they were using new stellar data collected bythe European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraftto simply identify co-moving stars that formed together from the same materials around the same time. 
ii. The lead author of the study, Oh, explained in a press releasethat Kronos, named after the mythological Greek Titan who ate his own children  is the most obvious and dramatic example yet of a Sun-like star consuming its own planets. And, “because Kronos has a stellar companion to compare it to, it makes the case a little stronger,” she said.
iii. The analysis ultimately led to the identification of Kronos and its lesser known brother Krios. Their official designations are HD 240430 and HD 240429.
iv. Other co-moving star pairs have had different chemistries, Oh explained, bu none as dramatic asKronos and Krios.
v. Most stars that are as metal-rich as Kronos “have all the other elements enhanced at a similar level,” she said, “whereas Kronos has volatile elements suppressed, which makes it really weird in the general context of stellar abundance patterns.”
vi. In other words, Kronos had an unusually high level ofrock-forming minerals, including magnesium, aluminium, silicon, iron, chromium and yttrium, without an equally high level of volatile compounds, those that are most often found in gas form, like oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and potassium, the study said.

Police Commemoration Day – October 21

On 21st October 2017, the Police Commemoration Day was observed all over India.
Police Commemoration Day:
i. The Police Commemoration Day is observed on 21st October every year. The Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh attended the Police Commemoration Day Parade at the Police Memorial Ground, in New Delhi.
ii. The Annual Conference of Inspectors General of Police of States and Union Territories held in January 1960 decided that 21st October would be observed as ‘Police Commemoration Day’.
iii. This day remembers the sacrifice of ten policemen who died in Chinese firing in 1959. Ten policemen were killed in the incident, seven were injured and taken as prisoners.
iv. Three weeks later, China returned the bodies of the ten policemen. They were later cremated with full police honours at Hot Springs in North Eastern Ladakh.

Veda Krishnamurthy signs for Big Bash League, to play for Hobart Hurricanes

Veda Krishnamurthy, Indian cricketer, has signed a 1 year contract with Hobart Hurricanes and will be available for their 10 league games of the third season, starting on 9th December 2017.

Veda krishnamurthy signed for women big bash league

Veda Krishnamurthy signs for Big Bash League:
i. Veda Krishnamurthy has become the third Indian cricketer to sign a Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) contract. In 2016, Harmanpreet Kaur became the first Indian women’s cricket team player to be signed by an overseas Twenty20 franchise.
ii. Veda Krishnamurthy is 25 years old. She hails from Karnataka. She has featured in 77 internationals across various formats.
iii. Veda Krishnamurthy was an important player of the India team at the 2017 Women’s World Cup. She had scored 70 runs in 45 balls against New Zealand and remained unbeaten.

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