AIR Spotlight – Digital India Movement

AIR Spotlight - Digital India movement

Digital India Programme was launched in August 2014. Since then we have seen a rapid progress in Digital India Programme and it was further enhanced when Demonetisation took place.

As we can see Digital India  is a remarkable step towards modernisation or computerisation of  Education sector & Banking/Payment Sector :-

Banking/Payment Sector :-

  • Every Bank is providing their users their mobile apps for transaction.
  • We have RuPay Credit Cards.
  • BHIM app a unified payment interface for transactions.
  • Private companies providing E-wallets.

which make easy for users to make Payments or transactions.

Education Sector :-

  • Lots of courses are available online for free.
  • It has become easily accessible due to improvement in speed and connectivity.
  • Empowering people to pursue their educational interests.

HRD ministry launched a ‘SWAYAM’ platform which enable people to go and watch online videos, read study materials & go for degrees even.

Govt View  :- 

  • Improvement in delivery & governance.
  • Massive reduction of leaking of funds because of digitalisation of payments & distribution of subsidies.
  • Linkage of schemes with Aadhaar card is enhancing digitisation of society.
  • Brings transparency with digitisation.

Govt Agenda  & Benefits :-

Being one of the largest markets of mobile phones Govt has achieved well in the manufacturing sector too because 105 companies are making mobile phones & components in India which certainly bring job generation in this sector.

As Govt. is looking to connect all the 2.5 lakh panchayats & villages by 2019 with fibre optic cable as it will certainly bring a technology to promote their products online through e-commerce facilities.

Challenges :- 

  • Digital security is one of the major challenge because people have been fallen for online scams & frauds which people generally do not know how to tackle it & even data gets stolen. For exp :- Russia interference in America Presidential Elections.
  • Digital literacy is going to be another challenge since there is a huge population & most of them are using these kinds of technologies for the first time in their life.

What Govt needs to do for success of Digital India Programme ?

  • Govt needs to ensure people that when they do transactions under Digital India platforms it is safe, secure & give benefits to them.
  • Digital literacy is equally important & needs to work more upon programmes like DISHA which makes one person in every family digitally literate.



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