Hindu Editorial Analysis 15th November 2017

Hindu Editorial Analysis 15th November 2017 - Dailygkaffairs

Warm, Warmer : Climate Change

As the 23rd conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn shifts into high gear, developing countries including India are focussing on the imperatives of ensuring adequate financing for mitigation and adaptation.
At the Bonn conference, a new Transport Decarbonisation Alliance has been declared. It is aimed at achieving a shift to sustainable fuels, getting cities to commit to eco-friendly mobility and delivering more walkable communities, all of which will improve the quality of urban life.

What is india progress in tackling the pollution ?

  • India’s progress in reducing the intensity of its greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP by 20-25% from 2005 levels by 2020, based on the commitment made in Copenhagen in 2009, has been positive.
  • Early studies also suggest that it is on track to achieve the national pledge under the 2015 Paris Agreement for a 33-35% cut in emissions intensity per unit of growth from the same base year by 2030, and thus heed the 2°C warming goal.
  • Already, the country has chalked out an ambitious policy on renewable energy, hoping to generate 175 gigawatts of power from green sources by 2022.

What Govt needs to do ?

  • Break down the barriers to wider adoption of rooftop solar energy at every level and implementing net metering systems for all categories of consumers.
  • A national law to raise the efficiency of transport could well be the answer, which the States will readily adopt if supportive financial arrangements are built in.
  • Use a combination of incentives for clean production and levies on fuel to maintain a balance.

The Aim is Pollution Control

Problems that we are facing in our Pollution Control :-

  • Crop burning issues which have been on rise in Punjab & Haryana even Govt has put a ban on it..
  • Rise in Number of cars each family own for each member.
  • Use of Pet coke which is banned in USA because it is rich in carbon and produce more pollution but Indian govt import it from USA on the name of cheap fuel.

What Govt needs to do tackle pollution not in just Delhi but for whole India ?

  • GRAP ( Grade Rapid Action Plan ) should be established in each state so atleast it can suggest measures over emergency situations if we are not able to take long term measures. It is established in Delhi right now.
  • Need to establish a better system and protocol in place to inform people about pollution hikes.
  • Pollution monitoring & Weather forecasting needs to be integrated.
  • Need clean fuel – gas or electricity.
  • Strict actions should be taken against crop burning in Punjab & Haryana & don’t let anyone burn garbage etc.

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