Daily Current Affairs 13th December 2017


Govt to Setup 12 Special Courts to try MPs & MLA’s :-

Govt took this decision to end the inordinate delay in the prosecution of politicians in criminal cases. Impact of this decision would be on those who facing serious charges & have remained members of Parliament and state assemblies due to time consumed in trials.

Complying with the SC direction to the Centre to set up special courts for lawmakers facing criminal charges the Centre said :-

  • 12 courts would be constituted. Two special courts would handle cases against 228 MPs.
  • Other 10 would be set up in 10 states — Andhra, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, MP, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, UP and Bengal—where the number of MLAs booked for criminal acts is more than 65.
  • Also, Centre set aside 8 crore rupees for setting up special courts.

No. of MLAs and MPs booked in criminal casesTough Task Ahead :-

  • There are approx 13,500 cases pending.
  • 1,125 cases have to be decide by each special court in a year with a average of 4.6 cases each day.


Delhi Govt launches scheme called Accident Victim Policy” :-

  • The Delhi government will bear all hospital expenses of victims of road accidents, burns or acid attacks.
  • The government said it had fixed no upper limit on cost of treatment and all victims—irrespective of domicile, and even foreigners—will be eligible to get free treatment in any Delhi hospital, government or private, if the accident takes place in the national capital.
  • Aim of the policy is to give treatment in “Golden Hour” at nearest hospitals either its private or govt.
  • The government said private hospitals will be asked to maintain all records of treatment of such victims and generate monthly bills, which will be reimbursed after due verification.
  • Earlier this year, the Delhi government brought in a good Samaritan policy to give Rs 2,000, besides an appreciation certificate, to any person who takes a road accident victim to hospital.


Sri Lanka handover Hambantota Port to China :-

Sri Lanka has formally handed over its southern port of Hambantota to China on a 99-year lease.

  • About Hambantota Port :-
  • The $1.3bn port was opened seven years ago using debt from Chinese state-controlled entities. But it has since struggled under heavy losses, making it impossible for Colombo to repay its debts.

What it means for China ?

  • For Beijing, the Hambantota project is a linchpin of the “One Belt One Road” project, which aims to build a new Silk Road of trade routes between China and more than 60 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • That project is underpinned by a network of harbours across the world that have put China in a position to challenge the US as the world’s most important maritime superpower.


ISRO developing compact launcher for smaller satellites :-

  • The compact launcher design will enable a handful of engineers to assemble it within a week & the launcher should be able to put satellites of up to 500-600 kg in orbits close to the Earth.
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre has designed the vehicle using the rocket technology that it already has and is awaiting ISRO’s approval.
  • The development cost would be kept low at a few crore as the new launcher’s requirement of advanced electronics is considerably lower. It could also tremendously cut the launch fee that customers would have to pay.


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