Tech Talks & News – 20th December 2017

Tech Talks & News - 20th December 2017

1.) Facebook rolls out tools to block unwanted friend requests :-

Facebook rolls out tools to block unwanted friend requests

To prevent harassment on Facebook, the social media giant has introduced new tools that keep unwanted friend requests and messages from reaching you.

So what does new tool do ?

  • The new features proactively recognize and help prevent unwanted contact when someone you blocked sets up a new account or tries to contact you from another account they control.
  • The new tools also provide the users the option to ignore a Messenger conversation and automatically move it out of their inbox, without having to block the sender. “Now, you can tap on a message to ignore the conversation. This disables notifications and moves the conversation from your inbox to your Filtered Messages folder”.
  • The new tool also enables the user to read messages in the conversation without the sender seeing if they have been read. This feature is now available for one on one conversations and will soon be available broadly for group messages too.

It will have a positive impacts for :-

  • Women and journalists who disproportionately experience harassment on the social media platform.
  • It will also help Facebook to identify fake accounts more quickly and block millions of them at registration every day.

2.) Samsung Electronics develops World’s Smallest DRAM Chip :-

Samsung Electronics develops World's Smallest DRAM Chip

  • Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Wednesday it has developed the world’s smallest DRAM chip, widening its technical lead on competitors as it tracks towards a record operating profit in 2017 driven by the semiconductor business.

About Smallest DRAM Chip :-

  • This is “second-generation” 10-nanometre class, 8-gigabit DRAM chip.
  • Improved energy efficiency and data processing performance would be geared toward premium data-crunching electronics such as cloud computing centers, mobile devices and high-speed graphic cards.

According to sources, Samsung would shift most of its existing DRAM production capacity to 10-nano chips in 2018.

3.) Facebook has launched new Face Recognition Features :-

Facebook has launched new Face Recognition Features

To help people better manage their identity on Facebook, the social media giant has launched new facial recognition features.

So what this features will do ?

  • The new features will help you find photos that you’re not tagged in.
  • It will also help you detect when others might be attempting to use your image as their profile picture.
  • Soon, you  will begin to see a simple on/off switch instead of settings for individual features that use face recognition technology.

4.) Xiaomi launches Google Tez-powered payment service :-

Xiaomi launches Google Tez-powered payment service on MI Website and MI App
Xiaomi launches Google Tez-powered payment service on MI Website and MI App

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi has introduced a new payment service, powered by Google Tez, on its e-commerce platform and Mi Store app.

  • Users can now make cashless transactions on both and the Mi Store app as Google Tez payments service operates atop the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).
  • Users can pay directly from their bank accounts online for any purchase that they make, further cementing Xiaomi’s commitment to contribute to the “Digital India” initiative.
About Google TEZ App :-  Google had launched its UPI-based Tez payments app in India in September that was built for India. Working on the vast majority of the country’s smartphones, the app is available in English and seven Indian languages (Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu).

5.) Google to roll out Native Ad blocking in Google Chrome :- 

Google to roll out Native Ad blocking in Google Chrome

  • Search engine giant Google will introduce a built-in ad blocker in the Chrome browser to block “annoying” advertisements from February 15.

Coalition for Better Ads :- 

  • Earlier this year, the search engine giant joined the “Coalition for Better Ads” — a group that offers specific standards for how the industry should improve ads for consumers.
  • The coalition announced the “Better Ads Experience Programme” which provides guidelines for companies using the “Better Ads Standards” to improve the experience of users with online ads. This will essentially stop the ads that are deemed annoying or intrusive.
Conclusion - Impact on ads :- All ads from sites where even one advertisement displayed does not meet those standards, even if the rest are technically in compliance, will be blocked.

6.) NASSCOM signs joint investment with China’s Dalian Municipal People’s government :-

  • The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) today has signed a joint investment with China’s Dalian Municipal People’s Government to co-develop a collaborative technology platform, the Sino-Indian Digital Collaboration Plaza.
  • The Sino-Indian Digital Collaboration Plaza, Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT).
  • The co-created platform will operate in both online and offline modes, to enable matchmaking between the two ecosystems to leverage each other’s strengths in technology.

This cooperative partnership that NAASCOM have formed with the government of Dalian will help to create a platform where companies from India and China can come forward to co-develop for global markets by leveraging their respective strengths in hardware and software.


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