Govt Drafted National Agriculture Export Policy to boost Farmers income

The draft National Agriculture Export Policy was put in the public domain on Monday by the Commerce Ministry just as the informal WTO Ministerial meeting commenced.

The National Agriculture Export Policy is being formulated in line with the vision to double the farmer’s income and increase the share of agricultural exports from $30 billion to $60 billion by 2022.

Government Drafted National Agriculture Export Policy

Features of the Policy :-

  • The policy will initiate the consultation among the relevant stakeholders and ministries to identify the commodities essential from food security perspective and barring such identified commodities, the effort would be to ensure that other agricultural products would not be brought under any kind of export restrictions.
  • The policy has also called for reforms in the APMC Act and streamlining of Mandi fee.
  • The policy has also called for liberalising land leasing norms by implementing the model contract farming act.
  • The Policy also proposes to develop a common portal to monitor all export rejections and provide a platform to different nodal agencies to take up a root cause analysis, take corrective action and if required, respond to the partner country regarding action taken.

Importance :- 

Mains Level :- Important Steps taken by Govt to double Farmers income



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