What is No Confidence Motion

Parliament of India - What is No Confidence Motion

Under Article 75 of the Constitution Says that Council of Ministers are collective responsible to the Lok Sabha. It means that the ministry stays in the power as long as they enjoy the confidence of the majority of the members of the Lok Sabha. In Simple Words, Lok Sabha can remove the ministry from Office if they are not happy with their work by passing a No-Confidence motion.

About No-Confidence Motion :-

No Confidence Motion

  • It cannot be moved against any single minister as parliamentary govt system is adopted in India & Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to Lok Sabha. Therefore it can be moved against Council of Ministers but not single minister.
  • It does not need to specify grounds on which no-confidence motion has moved.
  • It can be introduced only in Lok Sabha.

  • The motion needs support of 50 members to be admitted.

How it Works after its gets admitted in Lok Sabha ?

After it is admitted :-

  1. The Speaker could allot a date for discussing the motion – but this has to be within 10 days.
  2. On given date, the Debate can be held on the acts of commission or omission on the Govt Part..
  3. After the conclusion of debate, Speaker ensures the decision of the house by putting the motion for voice vote or division as demand arises.
  4. If the Motion is accepted by House then the council of ministers is bound to resign.


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