Defence Crisis – The Math of Military Modernisation

Defence Crisis - The Math of Military Modernization

Major security challenge in the Asia-Pacific region as The Chinese are on track to dominate the security architecture of the Asia-Pacific as they are projecting itself as a great military power in Asia . Further, China has increased military spending at an average of 8.5% per year to make its army more competitive.

India’s Insufficient defence budget :-

Defence Expenditure

  • The 2018 Indian defence budget is no more than 1.5% of gross domestic product, which barely keeps pace with inflation
  • India’s military pensions are now greater than its entire defence capital budget

Asia is in the midst of a “multipolar moment”

  • Some experts question the necessity of a defence partnership with the US, believing that India will thrive in multipolarity by hedging its partnerships among many countries.
  • But the math of military modernization suggests the multipolar moment will eventually be superseded by a Sino-centric security order.

Why is India important for the US?

  • No country has the demographic and economic weight to play the stabilising role India can in Asia. This is why Republicans and Democrats are united in treating India as a “Major Defence Partner”.

“Major Defence Partner” is a unique designation created by the Barack Obama administration and sustained by both the US Congress and the Donald Trump team.

What can be done?
Important steps can be taken to bolster Indian military power that are unrelated to budgets , but that requires India to embrace the US more closely than ever before

  • A choice can be made to partner(in some areas exclusively) with the US because this is the only realistic hedge against Chinese hegemony which includes
    ♦ Increasing information sharing and inter-operability in maritime domain awareness
    ♦ Expanding cooperation in anti-submarine warfare
    ♦ Partnering on maritime patrols

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