Indian Air Force (IAF) – Gaganshakti exercise 2018

Indian Air Force conducting Gaganshakti exercise from tomorrow

An all encompassing coordinated and composite exercise named Gaganshakti is going to be conducted by the IAF from 08-22 Apr 18.

Aim of  IAF GaganShakti Exercise 2018 :-

  • Full spectrums of operations are planned by IAF with special focus on `Network Centric Operations’ & ‘Effect Based Operations’
  • This exercise is aimed at coordinating operations, maintenance and administrative responses to achieve the stated objectives of the Indian Air Force, in case of any contingency.
  • This exercise will hone the war fighting skills of the air warriors in a real time scenario thus affirming the IAF’s role as the cutting edge of our nation’s military capability.

During Gaganshakti 2018 :-

  • IAF will exercise the entire machinery to validate its concept of operations and war waging capability. This year the IAF has planned tactics that will be tested in a real time scenario.
  • It is for the first time that efficacy and integration of LCA in the operational matrix of the IAF is planned.
  • The logistics stamina of the IAF and the ability to sustain continuous operations through day & night would be put to test.
  • Efficient exploitation of combat support assets, including use of enablers like AWACS, AEW&C, FRA, Transport aircraft and ISR assets forms an integral part of the exercise.
  • Special operations employing transport aircraft and helicopter as well as Special Forces have been planned during the exercise.
  • The IAF will utilize this opportunity to validate new strategies and tactics, especially to validate recently inducted or upgraded assets and equipments.
  • While it is an IAF centric exercise, it is planned to be executed keeping in mind the “Joint Operational Doctrine”.
  • Joint operations, including CSFO, Airborne Ops, Air Landed Ops and Maritime Ops, have also been planned.
  • IAF will also practice and validate various Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief drills that the IAF is expected to undertake from time to time.

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