Niti Aayog working on National Data & Analytics Platform

Niti Aayog working on National Data & Analytics Platform

NITI Aayog is working on a plan to develop the National Data & Analytics Platform (NDAP) in collaboration with private players.

  • The NITI Aayog is currently scouting for partners to develop and operate this platform which will use artificial intelligence (AI) for in-depth analysis.
  • The platform will be the single source of sectoral data for citizens, policymakers and researchers.

About NDAP :-

National Data & Analytics Platform (NDAP)

  • It will host and interpret huge amount of data that will integrate and help better understand of citizens’ data, spend patterns of the government, consumption trends and the success of various government policies.
  • It will pool data from central ministries and state governments which is aimed to aid more informed policy making. Both public and private entities would be able to access the data from NDAP.
  • Earlier, The ministry of electronics and IT already has the Open Government Data Platform called, which hosts hundreds of data sets, but the platform doesn’t have any analysis capabilities.
  • This will propel the use of AI and ML (machine learning) in the government, and also, then, each ministry will not have to do their own investment in building analysis tools.
  • Cost of developing NDAP could between ₹50 crore to ₹100 crore and would be funded by the Aayog.

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