Hindu Newspaper Analysis 4th July 2018

Hindu Newspaper Analysis 4th july 2018


EC launches cVigil app to report Electoral Malpractices :-

The Election Commission on Tuesday launched an Android-based mobile application named “cVigil” for citizens to share proof of malpractices by political parties, their candidates and activists when the Model Code of Conduct is in force.

cVigil Features :-

  • The mobile application also facilitates sharing of geo-tagged photographic and video evidence without disclosing the identity of the sender.
  • The uploaded information will be transmitted to the control room, and from there the field units or flying squads, mapped on a Geographic Information System, will be immediately alerted for further action.
  • In case the complainant does not opt for anonymity, the person will also receive an action-taken report within about 100 minutes.

The application, whose Beta version has now been released, will be made available for use during the four State Assembly elections scheduled for later this year.

It was launched against the backdrop of the inauguration of a two-day national consultation programme on “Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in the Electoral Process.”

Consult UPSC for appointing DGP, tells Supreme Court :-

Issue :-

The Supreme Court on Tuesday restrained the State governments from appointing Directors-General of Police without first consulting the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

  • A bench led by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, passed the directions on an application by the Centre for modification of a September 22, 2006 judgment on a petition filed by former DGPs Prakash Singh and N.K. Singh for reforms in the police forces.
  • In 2006, the court passed seven directives, primarily to “ensure that State governments do not exercise unwarranted influence or pressure on the police.”

Consult UPSC for appointing DGP, tells SC

Procedure of appointing DGP’s  :-

  • The State government concerned has to send to the service commission the names of the probables three months before the incumbent DGP is to retire.
  • The UPSC will prepare a list of three officers fit to be DGP and send it back.
  • It shall, as far as practicable, choose the people who have got a clear two years of service and must give due weightage to merit and seniority.
  • The State, in turn, shall ‘immediately’ appoint one of the persons shortlisted by the commission.

The Bilateral Limit of Hype :-

Transactional nature of American foreign policy

  • The postponement of the India-U.S. 2+2 dialogue between the Foreign and Defence Ministers of both countries, that had been scheduled for July 6 has to be seen with the personality of Mr. Trump
  • Mr. Trump has set his eyes on spectacles that suit him
  • His every move on the global stage enrages his domestic political opponents and the professional strategic community alike and he is happy, as this keeps his political base constantly on the boil
  • North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, trade deficit, and all global challenges before America are the faults of his predecessors, he repeatedly tells supporters

Impact of this policy on ties

  • China today threatens the dominance of the U.S., but America’s security establishment and political elite are obsessed with Russia
  • India gets caught in that internal American fight too
  • An American law now requires the President to impose sanctions on any country that has significant security relations with Russia
  • India and China are in the same basket for Mr. Trump on many issues that agitate him
  • His administration considers India and China as violators of intellectual property laws, as countries that put barriers to trade and subsidise exports and use state power to control markets
  • Amongst all adversaries, the Pentagon and the U.S. arms industry work in India’s favor

Way forward

  • India-U.S. relations will be better off without hype and grand theories, often encouraged by the government
  • The U.S. has overlapping interests with China, and India has overlapping interests with both
  • Avoiding the hyperbole could help manage India’s troubles with Pakistan and China better


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