Minister Piyush Goyal has launched CMSMS & Khan Prahari App

Minister Piyush Goyal has launched CMSMS & Khan Prahari App

Union Minister of Coal, Railways, Finance & Corporate Affairs launched the Coal Mine Surveillance & Management System (CMSMS) and Mobile Application ‘Khan Prahari’.


  • Illegal coal mining not only causes a loss to the nation’s resources but is also harmful to the environment.
  • It is understood that coal is the main source of livelihood for many poor families residing in coal belts, but their sustenance should not be totally dependent on illegal coal mining.
  • It is not only about saving national resources but also about improving the quality of life of those people.

Coal Mine Surveillance & Management System (CMSMS)

  • The basic objective of CMSMS is reporting, monitoring and taking suitable action on unauthorised coal mining activities.
  • It is a web based GIS application through which location of sites for unauthorised mining can be detected.

How does the app work?

  • The basic platform used in the system is of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology’s (MeiTY) map which provides village-level information.
  • The leasehold boundary of all the coal mines is displayed on this map.
  • The system will use satellite data to detect changes by which unauthorised mining activity extending beyond the allotted lease area can be detected and suitable action can be taken on it.
  • The complaint originating from coal mines will go to Coal India Offices and those originating from coal blocks not allotted to Coal India will go straight to the State Government Officers
  • And for each complaint the alert will also go to the District Magistrate and SP of the district.

‘Khan Prahari’ app

  • Khan Prahari is a tool for reporting any activity taking place related to illegal coal mining like rat hole mining, pilferage etc.
  • One can upload geo-tagged photographs of the incident along with textual information directly to the system.
  • Hence, both satellite data and human information will be used to capture information on the unauthorised mining activities.
  • Once reported, the information will be automatically directed to the nodal officers to take suitable action on those activities.
  • The complainant can also track his complaint through the system. The identity of the complainant shall not be revealed. This app can easily be downloaded in Android and IOS.
  • The uniqueness of the system is that it uses satellite data as well as public input to capture information on unauthorised coal mining activities and also take appropriate action on them with due transparency.

Other details of these systems

  • The CMSMS will also provide other important information like reclamation work being done by Coal India Limited which is being monitored every year by CMPDI using satellite data.
  • Status of Environmental Clearances /Forest Clearances etc. are also linked for information in this system.

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