Russia offers India to jointly design and build submarines

Russia offers India to jointly design and build submarines

Issue :- 

  • Russia offers India to design and build submarines jointly.

Introduction :-

India has received a joint submarine design and construction proposal from Russia to build on the technology transfer acquired while building the nuclear fleet, and promises to drastically reduce the cost of Navy’s next-generation vessel plan.

The proposal, believed to have been discussed at the top level during the Sochi summit in May, offers an alternative to an upcoming $10 billion P 75I tender for six new diesel electric submarines that the Navy requires. These are to be fitted with an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system that significantly increases their ability to stay underwater.

Russia offers india to design new submarines
Russia offers india to design new submarines to integrate indian systems, including brahmos missiles

Under the Proposal :-

  • The Russian side has offered a transfer of all intellectual property for the design and prototype construction. This will mean that there are also no limits to the number of submarines that can be built under the project.
  • The proposal is for joint design and building of a prototype, following which the technical knowhow and papers would be transferred to the selected Indian shipyard for construction.
  • The design consultancy for the project is pegged at under $200 million, something that could result in savings of immediate payments for the Navy for its next-generation submarines.
  • The proposal seeks to design the submarine to meet Indian requirements, including installation of the Brahmos missiles on board, as well as a jointly developed AIP system with the Defence Research and Development Organisation.
  • While the current plan is to go in for a global competitive process that will involve companies from Russia, France, Germany and Sweden, the official proposal from Moscow is for a government-to-government deal for joint design with the Advanced Technology Vessel Project (ATVP).

Advanced Technology Vessel Project (ATVP) :-

  • This is the project that gave India its first nuclear armed submarine, the INS Arihant, which was constructed in Vizag with considerable assistance from Russia.
  • A line of nuclear armed and nuclear powered submarines will be rolled out under the project which has completed the Indian nuclear triad – “The ability to launch warheads from air, land and underwater”.

( Official Sources :- Economic Times )

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