Lok Sabha approves National Sports University Bill 2018

Lok Sabha approves National Sports University Bill 2018

The Lok Sabha has passed a National Sports University Bill, 2018 which will establish a National Sports University in Imphal, Manipur that will provide sports education, research and coaching as part of a vision to enhance country’s standing in sports.

The National Sports University Bill, 2018 sought to replace a National Sports University Ordinance, 2018 promulgated on May 31 to protect interests of students who already have been enrolled in National Sports University.

Provision of the Bill  

• The National Sports University will be headquartered in Manipur.

• It may establish outlying campuses within or outside India, colleges, or regional centres.

• The University will undertake research on physical education, strengthen sports training programmes, and collaborate internationally in the field of physical education, among others.

• The Schedule to the Bill contains statutes.  These statutes specify the establishment, composition, and powers of various authorities such as the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Dean of Schools.  Any such action will require the approval of the central government.

• The central government will review and inspect the functioning of the University.  The Executive Council may take action based on the findings of the inspection.

• If no action is taken within a reasonable time period, the central government may issue binding directions to the Council.  In addition, the central government may annul any proceeding of the University which do not conform with the Bill.

• The University will maintain a Fund which will contain contributions by the central government, state governments, or the University Grants Commission; loans, gifts, and donations; income from fees, and amounts received from any other source.

• Any student or candidate whose name has been removed from the rolls of the University and who has been barred from appearing for examinations may appeal to the Executive Council for review of the decision.

• Any dispute arising out the disciplinary action taken by the University against a student may be referred to a Tribunal of Arbitration (at the request of the student).

• Disputes arising out of the contract between an employee and the University may also be referred to a Tribunal of Arbitration.

Key powers and functions of the University

  • Prescribing courses of study and conducting training programmes
  • Granting degrees, diplomas, and certificates
  • Providing facilities through a distance education system
  • Conferring autonomous status on a college or an institution

Authorities to be established under the University

The University will have the following authorities:

  • Court:  It will review the policies of the University and suggest measures for its development
  • Executive Council: It will be the principal executive body
  • Academic and Activity Council: It will supervise academic policies
  • Board of Sports Studies: It will approve the subjects for research and recommend measures to improve standards of teaching
  • Finance Committee: It will examine proposals related to creation of posts and recommend limits on the expenditure of the University. Further, additional authorities may be declared through statutes.

Executive Council of the University

♣) The Executive Council will be responsible for all administrative affairs of the University.

♣) Members of the Council will be nominated by the central government and will hold office for two years.

♣) The members will include – Vice-Chancellor (appointed by the central government), Joint Secretary of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and four persons from among eminent sports persons and distinguished coaches.

♣) Key functions of the Council will be to create academic posts and their appointment, manage the revenue and property of the University, manage and regulating the finances of the University, and partner with industry and non government agencies to advance knowledge.

Objectives of University :-

  • Research, development and dissemination of knowledge in physical education and sports sciences.
  • Strengthening physical education and sports training programmes.
  • Generating knowledge capabilities, skills and competence at various levels.
  • Training talented athletes to help them to evolve into international level athletes.

Background :-

♣) The specialised university for sports will be first of its kind in the country and it will adopt best international practices. Manipur government already has allocated land for proposed university.

♣) The proposal to set up national sports university in Manipur was initially announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was approved in 2014-15 budget with Rs. 100 crore allocation.

♣) This university is expected to bridge  gap that exists in sports environment of country in various areas such as sports science, sports technology, high performance training.

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