UPSC Daily Current Affairs 12th August 2018

UPSC Daily Current Affairs 12th August 2018


Vision Document for digital North East launched with big plans :-

Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has released the ‘Vision Document’ for a digital North East by 2022 that aims to enhance peoples’ lives by capacity building of government staff and doubling BPO strength in the region. The document was released in the presence of chief ministers of Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura along with senior government officials.

Unveiling the plans under the ‘Digital North East: Vision 2022’, Prasad has said :-

  • The document emphasises leveraging digital technologies to transform lives of people of the North East and enhance the ease of living.
  • He said a cloud hub for North East will be created in Guwahati and capacity building for 50,000 government staff will be taken up in using digital technologies, including Goods and Services Tax and payment platforms.
  • The number of seats planned for BPOs in the Northeastern states will be doubled to 10,000 from 5,000, while the network of common service centres will be expanded to cover all villages

Key things in Documents :-

  • High speed broadband connectivity in all the uncovered villages in the North Eastern region shall be provided.
  • The document identifies eight digital thrust areas —
    ♦ Digital infrastructure
    ♦ Digital services
    ♦ Digital empowerment
    ♦ Promotion of electronics manufacturing
    ♦ Promotion of IT and IT enabled services including BPOs
    ♦ Digital payments
    ♦ Innovation & startups
    ♦ Cyber security.
  • The Vision Document aims to empower the people of the North Eastern region and state-wise roadmaps have been developed for implementing digital initiatives.


US curtails military training with Pakistan :-
  • The Donald Trump administration has barred scores of Pakistani military officials from training and education programs and also suspended the funding for Pakistan’s military training programme.

Background :- 

The move comes a month after the US suspended security assistance to Pakistan, worth USD 1.15 billion in an attempt to crack down on terrorist. Earlier this year, US President Donald Trump slammed Pakistan in a tweet, saying that the country gives safe haven to the terrorists. In January this year, Washington also announced plans to suspend a $2 billion aid of security assistance to Pakistan, a decision that was later revoked through the International Military Education & Training (IMET) program.

Impact of the decision :-

  • The following decision could also help impel Pakistan to include further towards China on Russia for leadership training program. 

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